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For Clinical Instructors

Guidelines for Clinical Instructors at St. Joseph Hospital

The following are guidelines/directives to facilitate processes involved with student clinical experiences at St. Joseph Hospital.

1. Instructor Orientation Requirements :

a. Clinical instructors new to the hospital must have a walk-through orientation and unit specific orientation. New instructors may contact the Clinical Education Department at 445-8121 extension 5908 to arrange for a hospital tour or may tour with one of the experienced clinical instructors. Instructors should contact the Department Director / Manager to arrange for department-specific tour and orientation.

b. Clinical instructors new to St. Joseph Hospital are encouraged to attend Nursing Orientation which is held twice a month. Contact the Clinical Education Department at 445-8121 extension 5908 to register.

c. Instructors are to complete the following once each academic year prior to the start of the SJH clinical rotation :

i. Review the information on the Nursing Students info page .

ii. Complete the Orientation Test .

d. Instructors are to sign Instructor Acknowledgements for Abuse Reporting , Confidentiality and Corporate Compliance . Note: these signed statements are to be retained in instructor files at the academic institution and are current for the duration of their position as a clinical instructor i.e. the forms do not need to be resigned each year.

2. Student Orientation Requirements :

a. Students are required to complete the following once each academic year prior to the start of their SJH clinical rotation :

i. Review the web-based SJH Hospital / Safety Orientation

ii. Complete the Safety Quiz.

b. Students are required to complete the following once prior to their first clinical rotation at either SJH or RMH . Once signed, the acknowledgements are good for the duration of the student’s academic program.

i. Review the Corporate Compliance handbook.

ii. Review and sign the Student Attestations: Abuse Reporting, Confidentiality and Corporate Compliance.

c. Prior to student clinical rotations, Clinical instructors are responsible for

i. Collecting student acknowledgement statements and placing in student files or, for returning students, verifying signed statements are in their student files.

ii. Collecting and grading the Orientation Tests. The student needs to pass with a score of 100%. Please discuss any missed questions with the student to ensure understanding .

iii. Verify all student and instructor requirements have been met by signing and submitting the Student / Instructor Attestation of Compliance form with a list of the students attached.

Summary of Student and Instructor Requirements


How Often

Record Retention

Hospital / Safety Orientation

Once each academic year prior to clinical rotation

Retain post test in student /instructor file for current academic year.

Corporate Compliance Handbook

Once - Prior to first clinical rotation at SJH or RMH

Student/Instructor Acknowledgements:
Abuse, Confidentiality, Corporate Compliance

Once - Prior to first clinical rotation at SJH

Retain in student/instructor file at school for duration of academic program affiliation.

d. Finally, in addition to the above, call the Clinical Education Department to schedule an in-person Student Welcome to the organization. This time can also be used for you to tour the hospital / unit with your students, complete the Pyxis tutorial or validate student competency for select skills.

3. Access Request Forms :

a. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Access : EMR is the electronic medical record. Access limited to instructors and senior nursing students only.

b. Pyxis Med Station Access: Instructor and student access forms to be completed and submitted to the Pharmacy Department.

c. Voice Care Access : Voicecare is a recorded patient report accessed via the telephone. Instructor access only. Students will use the instructor access code.

4. Student Clinical Rotation Data

a. Complete the Student Clinical Rotation Data form ( CR or HSU ) and send or FAX (707-269-3759) to the Clinical Education Department. This enables the department to keep track of instructor/student locations within the hospital.

5. Scheduling Post Conference Meetings :

Contact Support Services at 445-8121, extension 7685 to schedule a location or send an email to with copy to .Be advised, construction noise can make it difficult to hear in our SJH 3rd Floor Conference Rooms. Additional space is available at the General Hospital Campus.


Hospital / Safety Orientation
Corporate Compliance Handbook
Hospital Orientation Test


Instructor Acknowledgement: Corporate Compliance
Instructor Acknowledgement: Confidentiality
Instructor Acknowledgement: Abuse Reporting
Student / Instructor Compliance Attestation
EMR / Voice Care Access Request Form – Instructors
EMR Access – Senior Students Only
Pyxis Med Station Access Request Form – Students and Instructors
CR Student Clinical Rotation Data - Spring 2011
HSU Student Clinical Rotation Data – Spring 2011

Other Guidelines

Voice Care Sign-On Instructions
Pyxis Log-On Instructions