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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

2200 Harrison Avenue, Eureka
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Rehab Unit: (707) 441-4414
Referrals: (707) 445-8121, ext. 5646

Recipient of Top Performer Award

St. Joseph Hospital Acute Rehabilitation Unit has been recognized as a Top Performer by Uniform Data Systems for Medical Rehabilitation for the past 4 out of 5 years. Out of almost 800 Acute Rehabilitation Units, St. Joseph consistently ranks in the top 5%-15% in the Nation for patient outcomes. This designation is based on performance on a number of levels, including complexity of disability and diagnosis, length of stay and discharge destination data.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Joseph Hospital Medical Rehabilitation Center is to provide physical rehabilitation services in a positive patient-centered environment. This promotes restoration of maximum functional abilities and allows for a dignified quality of life experience. As a staff we are guided by our core values of Dignity, Excellence, Service, and Justice.

Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Services

The St. Joseph Hospital Medical Rehabilitation Center is a comprehensive program of services designed to help patients return to productive lifestyles after injury or illness. Our transdisciplinary team is made up of highly skilled physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, recreation therapists, dietitians, social workers, and patients. Our transdisciplinary team formulates individualized care plans to meet patients' medical needs and maximize each individual's level of independence. Our mission is to help each patient achieve a maximum level of independence by developing attainable goals for rehabilitation.

Our approach to care is patient-focused, with individual treatment plans to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our comprehensive services are designed to address the physical, cognitive and behavioral aspects of rehabilitation. Equipped with the latest technology, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center provides cost-effective treatment in a managed care environment.

All services are tailored to the individual patient. Examples of specific services include home evaluations, team training with patients and their caregivers, and team conferences with patients and family for educational needs, and discharge planning.

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If you are interested in a tour please call (707) 445-8121, ext.5646.

Accredited by:
American Osteopathic Association

The Transdisciplinary Approach

The transdisciplinary approach is a multi-discipline approach to recovery and therapy that:

  • Assesses the total patient and environment with a focus on abilities and support systems.
  • Assesses boundaries defined by the discharge environment. The team sets common goals based on barriers to discharge.
  • Has a treatment plan organized around skill requirements of the discharge environment.
  • Has treatments focused on functional skill acquisition related to overcoming barriers to discharge. Normal movement is facilitated at all times. Compensatory skills are taught when normal movement cannot be achieved.
  • Sets barrier-focused goals based on outcomes to be achieved. If a goal does not contribute to removing a barrier to discharge, it is eliminated from the treatment plan.
  • Begins active family teaching at admission and continues throughout the duration of the treatment.
  • Builds skill generalization into the treatment plan.
  • Discharge planning becomes one of the common team goals.
  • Follow-up services are coordinated and monitored in order to sustain a successful outcome.

What Types of Patients Do We Treat?

The Rehabilitation Unit is designed to provide care to patients recovering from stroke (CVA), spinal cord injury, amputations, orthopedic surgeries, major multiple trauma, brain injury, polyarthritis, neurological disorders, burns and other diagnosis that primarily require all or some of the following:

  • Rehab Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Social Work
  • Specialized Physician Care

What is a typical day for a rehabilitation patient?

A patient's morning starts with therapy to relearn dressing and self-care skills. Patients then go to the dining room where they eat their meals in a group setting. A schedule of each patient's daily therapy times is posted in the morning. Patients will receive occupational, physical and recreational therapy. They will also have speech therapy if appropriate. Therapy may be individual or group, depending upon the patient’s needs. This makes for a full day of at least 3 hours of therapy aimed at increasing the patient's functional independence.

What happens to a patient after discharge?

Discharge plans are considered even before a patient comes to the Rehabilitation Unit. There are weekly team meetings aimed at discussing discharge options. The Social Worker plays a key role in keeping patients and their families informed about what is discussed in the team meetings. The ultimate goal is to return the patient to the previous home environment. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, and alternative plans must be made. The team looks at the possibility of available care givers to enable a patient to return home with assistance. Other options include transitional facilities, independent living facilities, or more skilled care facilities.

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